28 dicembre 2006

Fonera OUT: la saga continua ...

Faccio seguito a questo post , stasera ho ri-scritto a FON , vediamo se mi rispondono.
Questo è quanto ho mandato:

As from your council I have proceeded to the reset of the fonera, I must pear tree say without happening.

This is my situation puts into effect them:

This is the attempt of logon to the freenet , attempt of logon, but not succeeded:

Attempt of logon to the private net, but after 3 second ones I have this answer:

Logon to net wifi router personal siemens atlantis: ok 100x100

These are the parameters that I have put in the fonera:

Tank You

Link: http://www.amvtec.com/fon/viewtopic.php?t=245
# SSID: FON_Rtrsat_it_AP
# Area: Meldola (FC) - Emilia Romagna - Italy
# Lat: 44° 7'35.95"N
# Long: 12° 3'38.43"E
# profilo: Linus

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